Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Spot Slope Annotations on Ramps

If you have drawn an Element (Slab, Roof, etc.) with a slope, and you want to add a Slope Annotation in a Plan View, you can use the Spot Slope tool to add the Slope direction and the value (The Units can be adjusted to alternate representations)

This Example below is showing 2 different Unit Values

This is a great tool, except for Ramps in a Plan View. For some reason Revit 2013 won’t allow you to place a spot slope. (Unfortunately they haven’t fixed this in Revit 2014)

So here is the magic work around!!!

  • Open a 3D View showing the ramp and set it to a Top-down view (click on the Top of the View Cube).
  • Use the Spot Slope tool to place a slope arrow on the ramp in the 3D View. (It works in 3D!)

    • Then Select the Spot Slope and Cut to Clipboard (Ctrl+x)
    • Open the Plan View, and in the Modify Tab choose Paste – Aligned to Current View.
    • Congratulations, you have beaten Revit!

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