Thursday, 19 June 2014

Revit License Manager Problem

We have just resolved a problem with or license manager for Revit (FlexLM). The trouble started when we were upgrading the License manager to incorporate 2015. When the ‘Path to the license file’ was specified and the service was restarted the program fell over and refused to issue any more licenses. A little bit of panic ensued as we had users waiting use Revit!!!

After a bit of trial and error, the problem was that the license file path that was specified was on a mapped network drive, the path had to be direct to the file rather than through the networked drive. Pretty strange because the pathing used for the 2014 license file was through the mapped drive…..

Hopefully this may help somebody if they have the problem in the future.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Constraining and Deleting

In Revit we can we can apply constraints (padlocks and EQ) using dimensions, which are very helpful in our modelling process. These constraining dimensions can be applied and then deleted, and even though they are no longer visible their constraints remain intact.

There is an important warning message box that appears that most users ignore. 

If you read the dialog box carefully it tells you that even though the dimension is being deleted the elements will remain constrained. If you want to remove the constraints then hit the Unconstrain button in the bottom right corner. If you would like to keep the constraints then there is no point deleting the dimensions in the first place.

Reading the warning dialog may just save someone a bit of investigation work down the track.

Scheduling with 2 Lines

If you have a Schedule and would like to have some of the information in the fields spread over 2 lines.

You can force Revit to put information on another line, where you define the break. Go to the schedule view and pick where you would like the text to be broken and hit ‘Shift + Enter’.

If you need to edit the information that is spread over 2 lines, you will have to do that in the schedule view or by going to the properties of the element and editing the parameter by picking the field and using the right arrow button to get to the information on the second line.