Monday, 10 November 2014

Winning Lego Pumpkin

I am pretty happy with myself. My Lego Pumpkin won in Zach Kron's Parametric pumpkin competition.

Worksharing Display

Worksharing Display allows you to distinguish workshared elements in your model. (A great way to see who is interfering with your model.)

The worksharing display is located in the View Control Bar at the bottom of the modelling view.

You can use worksharing display modes to display:

  • Checkout Status - The ownership status of elements.
  • Owners - The specific owners of elements.
  • Model Updates - Elements that are out of sync with, or have been deleted from, the central model.
  • Worksets - Which elements are assigned to particular worksets.

The view below is identifying who the owner is of some of the structural elements.

The Worksharing Display Setting dialogue box (accessed through the Worksharing display Icon) allows you to change the colour representation in the Worksharing display View.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Reference Plane Identification

When you are using Reference Planes in Projects or Families, it is very useful to name your Reference Planes so that they can be identified later.

If you select the Reference Plane and go to its Properties, you will see that there is a parameter where you can provide a Name.

When you need to set a new work plane, now you have the named Reference Plane in the list.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Door Schedule - Adding Rooms

If you are creating a door schedule in your project, some important columns that can be added is the information regarding the rooms that the door is leading to and from.

To access these parameters in your schedule, they aren’t in the default list of available fields. In the bottom left hand corner of the schedule there is a ‘Select available fields from:’ selection box. As a default it is set to ‘Doors’, but you have the choice to change it to ‘From Room’ or ‘To Room’. This will allow you to select additional room based fields to pick from.