Thursday, 1 September 2016

Dimension Visibility

This is more of an observation of Revit behaviour rather than a tip, but it may be a useful thing to know.

When you have created dimension strings and the elements dimensioned are no longer visible, the dimensions try to adjust accordingly (in some cases).

If I turn the Visibility of the windows off, the dimension string remains but hides the dimensions that relate to the window. The dimensions string can still be selected as one element.

When the windows are turned back on the dimensions will reappear.

If you adjust the View Range of the view, to a range where the doors and windows are no longer visible (moving the cut plane above the head height of the elements). The dimension string still remains intact and visible, even though the doors and windows are no longer visible in the view.

Project Info and Shared Coordinates

When you are working in a Workshared Project, that utilises Shared Coordinates and Linked Revit Models, one side effect is that whenever you alter the location of a Linked file you become The Owner of the ‘Project Info’ Workset in the linked file. Especially if you don’t save the position back or synchronise the file.

So if you open a linked file, even to have a look and accidentally move one of the linked models, you may be getting a call from one of the other Revit users to relinquish the ‘Project Info’ Workset, even if you think you haven’t saved anything.

Revit knows where you have been and what you have been doing!!!

It is watching you right now!!! :)